Cigar Box Purses by Dymond Designs

Monica Sydnor, the African-American female entrepreneur who created DYMOND DESIGNS website, constructs cigar box purses and keepsake boxes from authentic wooden cigar boxes. These smokin' purses will express your taste for distinctive finishing touches. Cigar Box Purses are unique fashion statements sure to evoke conversation anywhere you go! These men magnets are a must have for shy ladies and single women. Each box is cleaned, the outside coated with at least two coats of a glossy varnish, and fragile hardware is replaced. Most purses are lined with black velvet, some with suede and Ultrasuede,  and all have a beveled-edge mirror. Real bamboo handles are utilized, as well as beaded handles and shoulder straps. Each cigar box is unique with its own imperfections that add personality. Ms. Sydnor tries to maintain the originality of each box, while subtly enhancing it for a feminine, sexy, sophisticated and functional fashion statement.

These purses are durable, wearable, and water resistant works of art! Most purses are one-of-a-kind, however, a few styles are limited editions. Limited editions are limited to 10 similar pieces, but never identical. Something will always be unique about your purse! These collector items have been made popular by the actresses on Sex and the City, as well as numerous other celebrities, and can be found in five-star hotels and boutiques in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, and Miami for $200 or more, often with unfinished backs. A cigar box purse is a great gift for that special female in your life. Containers are great gifts for male and female friends to store keepsakes, jewelry, remote controls, change/coins, stamps and smoking products. Sorry, Dymond Designs does not sell cigars or other smoking supplies. All cigar box containers have removable black velvet lining. Mirrors, handles and straps are not included on cigar box containers.