George Matthews

The MATAH is a people, a movement and a business. Co-founded in 1997 by Philadelphia entrepreneur,  Kenneth H. Bridges,  MATAH's primary purpose is redirect the consumption spending of African Americans so that a larger portion of our income stays in the Black community longer than it does now. The ultimate objective is to improve the standard of living in Black communities by increasing employment, raising income levels and raising the levels of race and self-esteem. In the process, we will create more than 100,000 African American businesses.

MATAH's products and services include Audio tapes, Video tapes, Long Distance Phone Services, Clocks, Clip Art, Fine Art by Dane Tilghman, Kwanzaa, Calendars, Holiday & Kwanzaa Cards, Fine Art by Monica Stewart, Address Books, Gift Bags and Wrapping Paper, X-mas Bulbs, Home Furnishings, Leather Goods, Art & Cultural books, Appliances, Children's Products, Home Care, Nutritional Products, Personal Care, Products for the Mind, Apparel and Jewelry.